Model letters

Model letters

Request the removal of clutter from common areas

Real estate

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Contact details of the owner of the objects
In ... (place), on ... (date),

Subject: Cluttering of common areas

Madam (or Sir),

I am the owner of lot n°... (specify) of the joint ownership, and I noticed that, for some time, you deposited bulky objects in the common parts of the building, namely: ... (specify the objects and the common part concerned).
I inform you that many occupants are very annoyed by this clutter ... (specify the nature of the embarrassment).

After having contacted you several times to ask you to remedy this situation, I have been able to ascertain that no change has been made to date.

Eventually : I would like to remind you that the co-ownership rules of the building, in its article ... prohibits the cluttering of common areas.

I therefore take the liberty of asking you, once again, to remove the objects in question stored ... (indicate the common area concerned).

If you fail to do so, I will be obliged to inform the syndic of the existing situation.

Yours faithfully, Madam (or Sir)